Intro to Tantra

Workshop at Modern Organics, Long Jetty. Friday 6th Dec’19, 7-9pm

Tantra literally means “to weave.”

It is a practice that, similar to Yoga, includes movement, breath, sound, stillness, meditation & more. It cultivates the in-the-moment consciousness of body, mind and spirit to make even the most difficult moments of daily life more juicy, joyful & compassionate.

Tantra offers a very practical way to quiet the chatter & reunite with your divine self. The sexual elements of tantra are not the focus of this workshop. Join a safe, supportive, light and playful evening of exploration if you are:

+ looking to broaden your own spiritual practice

+ ready to clear inner obstaclesfor a more vitality-filled life

+ open yourself to living more fully in the present moment

About Dini Martinez

After 20 years of daily dedication to yoga and meditation as a way of life, Dini stumbled across Tantra when her ten-year marriage was close to crumbling. A tantric understanding of our sacral force and way of relating, not only has brought more love into her relationship than ever before, but has also expanded Dini into a whole new way of being and living. In yoga, we observe what there is. In Tantra, we create what we dream there to be.

Dini has remained a firmly grounded and dedicated yogini, whilst also becoming a passionate tantrica who can’t hold back from sharing the transformation that the fine combo of these closely linked ancient disciplines are able to create. She runs her own 200 hrs Tantric Yoga Teacher Trainings on the Central Coast, as well as regular retreats in Australia and overseas. People around the world – including refugees and prisoners – have been impacted by her practice. Freelance blogger, Ayurvedic practitioner, Reiki healer and mother of three, Dini splits her life between land and sea and regularly takes her young kids sailing, including on a recent three-year voyage around the Mediterranean Sea.

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