Each time we gather in circle, the world heals a little more.


Traditionally, humans would gather regularly in circles to talk, discuss, find solutions, celebrate, be still, grow and heal. Nowadays, there seems to be little time for this and we wonder why we lose connection, both to Self and others. When we sit in circle with other humans, something magical happens that taps back into our inherent ancient healing potential. The central cortex of the brain, where past lives’ information is stored, is consciously or unconsciously appeased and acknowledged and understanding and insight comes which is ways and beyond the possibilities of the thinking brain.

Bringing deep healing, connection and insight

Whenever I gather with my shamanic brothers and sisters, we come together in all the colours of the rainbow. We show up in our truest, most authentic self of that moment – and then we transgress and surrender to drop into deep union. We accept each other no matter how we show up. How many people, spaces and times do you have in your life where you can totally show up as you are – even in your rawest, unsexist, most sobbing form? I know I had too few for ways too long and since I have brought circles back into my life, it feels so much more complete.

How can we do this together?

We can create a circle together for many types of occasions that require that safe, authentic, all-colours-of-the-rainbow kind of space where crying and laughing is welcomed equally. I will bring a set of tools to work with, from the deep shamanic and indigenous wisdoms, over sensual breath and tantra, to awakening yoga, reiki and Ayurveda magic; from physical movement, to mental exploration, from being with self to connecting with others; from stillness to singing and dancing – depending on what the moment and situation calls for.

Different occasions that call for circling

  • Conscious birthday circles giving back meaning to our circling around the sun.
  • Moon circles to bring sacredness and consciousness back into monthly circles.
  • Sharing circles to share, listen and heal collectively.
  • Women circles to honour the tremendous potential of our monthly cycle and reconnect to the superpowers that lie within each quarter.
  • Shamanic solstice and equinox circles to reconnect to the rhythm’s of nature – and with them to the rhythms within.
  • Rebirthing ceremonies as taught to me and given permission to perform by my traditional medicine elder and indigenous teacher
  • Baby-shower circles to honour both mother and child through different traditional ceremonies and conscious connection
  • Aboriginal birthing circles to welcome a new soul into this world more fully (please get in touch before the birth!)
  • Divorce circles to embrace the power of what Hindu’s call Shiva – the divine energy of destructions and change which irrefutably brings new beginnings with endless possibilities…
  •  Organisational team building circle to create more authenticity, joy and sense of belonging

Get in touch! Whether any of the above, or a different occasion, contact us to discuss whether we can make it more sacred, more conscious and maybe more blissful together. I look forward to hearing from you. In warming circle connection. Dini

“Dini was the perfect space-holder to make this divorce circle the most healing, fun, sensual and hope-inspiring occasion.”

Lucinda, Sydney, 2018