Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology consults the astronomical position of planets to give us a forecast both long-term into better understanding of life patterns and purpose, as well as for short term decisions and clarity.

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Based on your precise birth day, time and place we will exctract and study your jyotish birthchart as calculated by ancient wisdom seekers thousands of years ago in India. Rather than a black and white destiny map, it explains general tendencies, ways of relating, ancestral influences, career options which can be expected to bring more ease etc.

Considering astrological influences in every day decisions is as wise as looking at a weather forecast before crossing an ocean. It’s no black and white destiny, but a great tool to allow you to adjust your sails to harness the prevailing winds to the best of your ability.

The focus of your session can be on a particular question related to love, money, purpose, family or other. It can also look into specific current planetary influences and how they affect different areas of your life.

For the short and medium term future periods can be determined which will be more beneficial for specific focus areas. For instance, if mercury is retrograding, it is best to stay away from technology inovations and watch ones communication a little more cautiously – read breathe before you speak, gaze inwards rather than forcing output. In such ways, rather than struggling against the current, one can wait for a better tide to take certain decisions.

I look forward to hearing from you and discussing your specific needs. Upon request we can also weave in ayurvedic knowledge, yogic healing and/or tantric energy activiation modalities to add extra value to your reading.

Investment: US$120

“I have been feeling a great sense of clarity and certainty into our home here since the reading. Finally starting to turn a corner of looking around and having gratitude for all the little corners of love, painted walls, floors, gardens, growing trees etc that we have created… rather than always seeing the 100s of jobs we still have left to do.”

Sammy K. Physio & Yoga Teacher, Blue Mountains, Australia 2020

“The reading was great! The main things I took from it were a) confirmation that I’m on the right track [] and a reminder to keep up with my shadow and trauma healing work []…I think it’s great that you offer these follow up things like mantra and recommended gemstones at the end of the reading so people have a next step to incorporate in whatever came up for them in the reading, to help ground/ minimise any sense of information overload.”

Tash H. Melbourne Australia, 2020

“Dini’s Vedic astrology session was amazing. She really knows her stuff. Dini took time to explain the science behind it so that I could understand my chart in the future, which was really helpful. I had spent all my time looking at my sun sign and now realise my moon and rising signs are equally if not more important. Can’t wait to have anohter session with her and find out more. I highly recommend Dini – she has a sixth sense and is highly intuitive.

Louisa C. Lawyer and Life Coach, London/Sydney 2019