Doula Services

Imagine that the stories we were told of birth were that labour was one of the most incredible, magical and transformatonal rites of passage a woman could ever go through…




In the olden days a midwife would get to know you and your whole family throughout the months prior to the birth of your baby. In modern societies, birth has been shifted from nurturing homes to sterile hospitals; pregnancy degraded from a celebrated blessing to an inconvenient illness; and midwives to medicalised robots conducting anonymous physiological check ups.

The effort of separating the physical experience of birth from the mental, emotional and spiritual transformation has disempowered women around the world.

A doula brings the magic back into birth. In uniquely tailored pre-birth sessions we prepare, not only you, but also your birth team (eg partner and any other people, if any, you’d like present at your birth) mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We practice birth moves, positions, accupressure points and massages; go through any questions you might have that your medical support can’t answer; and take fear away through holistic information and understanding of the birthing process and options, as well as different tools like birth art, labourynth, yoga, ayurveda, sounding, aromatherapy and more.


$300/3 hours

$500/2×3 hours (recommended)

Full Doula Package

A doula brings back the aspects of birth that have been shunted by money-driven and male-directed medical systems around the world. She knows you and your family. She understands your preferences and ethics. She speaks up for you from a place of love and experience in one of the most vulnerable moments of your life and keeps a safe space when you need to just focus inwards. Moreover, she prepares and allows your partner, if available, to be there for you in a more informed and present, and less worried way rather than taking his (or her) role away.

Interestingly, many doula parents say in hindsight that their doula served the dad/partner as much, if not more, as the birthing mother herself… Whilst women have nine months to prepare and slowly transition into motherhood, for dad it is often the time of labour when the transition occurs. This is more often than not overwhelming, and in some cases frightening and scary. Having a known, assuring person present can free dad of fears and allow him to more fully support his partner.

The womb is the place where light enters you.

In addition to two personalised 3 hrs sessions as described above, your doula will be on standby for seven days prior and seven days post your estimated due date. She will be with you during labour and birth from the moment you feel you need her and until up to two hours afer the birth. Moreover, two to three post-partum visits will help you with the transition into motherhood through both practical advice, hands on help, emotional support and mental knowledge and experience.

“Dini is a very warm and supportive Doula who treated me like I was an old friend or a sister. James and I are so glad that Dini was there for us, both before and after the birth, and for the labour and birth itself. Diring the labour and birth, with Dini and my husband there together, I felt like everything was taken care of, the atmosphere would stay calm and all I had to do was concentrate on what I was doing. Having Dini as my doula meant I didn’t have to think about anything else that was going on. We will definitely use her again next time. Also I’m so happy Dini took some pictures for us as Lottie was being born, I didn’t think of it at the time but now I’m so glad she had the initiative to take some photos for us, they are very precious. Also, she took care of collecting the placenta and having it encapsulated for me, which saved having to worry about it at the hospital.”

Rachael & James, Sydney Australia, 2012