Private Yoga

All Yoga is therapy. All yoga is healing. More so when it can be tailored to your story, conditions and needs in body, mind and spirit.

Private Yoga Sessions

In a private session we cater the movement and stillness, breath and focus to your needs. It can be anything from fully restorative with plenty of healing hands-on adjustments and aromatherapy to rebuild an over-stressed nervous system; over building strength and flexilibilty in weaker or injured area of the body; towards an advanced or uniquely challenging flow workshoping towards a specific pose that you have been meaning to master for some time. We can work with trauma and injuries, as well as a simple wish for 1to1 attention.

There is a lot of talk about yoga therapy these days. When working the traditional way, one on one with a knowledgable and experienced teacher, all yoga is a deeply transformational healing therapy.

If our physical paths coincide sessions will be in person at your home – else we meet online. All you need is a pc, laptop or tablet so we can communicate and I can guide and correct you throughout the asanas.

Investment: US$120/hour

Yoga Trainings Online

If you are keen to deepen your practice in other ways than group or individual classes, we also offer online trainings on different aspects of yoga. Please make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter and check out the ‘Trainings‘ page of our website for upcoming courses.

The soul always knows how to heal itself. The challenge is to quieten the mind.

Yet another way to deepen your practice in all dimensions is joining one of our retreats, yoga immersions or teacher trainings.

I’ve learnt so much through my regular private classes with Dini both online and in person. With so much experience she’s able to spontaneously tailor every session to what is needed and incorporates so many aspects of yoga, breath, meditation, shamanic, nutritional and other healing modalities that she has mastered over the years. Eeach time Dini creates a soft, warm and supportive space which leaves my cup full to the rim so I can serve my family and act to my full potential in the rest of life as I step of the mat.” 

Emma F. Winchester, United Kingdom, 2017

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