Online Immersions

Heal & Thrive in the Comfort of your own Space

Our 5 and 7 weeks online immersions are practical, profound, healing and transformational paths of yoga and tantra in your every-day life.

Travel the Rainbow Bridge

The seven major energy wheels, which thread along our spine, are not only powerful portals on your spiritual journey, but also incredible healing centres directly linked to your physical body’s endocrine system.

Throughout our seven weeks together, we will learn what areas of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes they affect, as well as numerous tools that can help the healing and balancing of each. These include physical practices, breathwork, meditations, colours, gem stones and much more. Be prepared to grow, dig deep, laugh and cry, pause when you need and open to the endless possibilities that healing brings.

Investment: 140 USD

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Be the change you wish to see in this world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Tantra for Individuals

Throughout five weeks you will be connecting more deeply with yourself, exploring tools that allow you to liberate your sacral energy more freely. You will also meet your shadows and learn to hold and love them. This is crucial part of any tantric work, as well as an openness to be in motion with emotions.

As always, there is an applied theory part to the course to help you understand why so far you might not have been able to breath up an orgasm while doing house chores quite yet. And then there is the juicy practical bit with videos, audios and other applied practices to bring more aliveness to your everyday.

Investment: 100USD

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Tantra for Couples

Whether you have just met a new lover and are keen to set a new base line, or you want to boost your long-term relationship with more depth and intimacy on ALL levels, then I promise you will not only grown and learn, but also have plenty of fun with our proven tools and practices.

Be ready to be vulnerable. Be open to hold each other in tears and laughter. Be ready to go ways beyond the mental and emotional, into the ancestral sacredness of the shamanic wisdom in your cells. This course opens the path to fully owning your own sacral power and create fullfilling connections with whoever you chose to journey with.

Investment: 120USD

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Are you open to experiencing life at a completely different level?

All our online courses consist of two weekly emails and are designed to weave into your everyday. Rather than adding another thing to your to do list, the reflections and tools are presented in a way to help you bring more ease, peace, grace, as well as divine, pleasure and joy to your day to day. The first email introduces you to the lesson and concept to be explored that week. Some are available in audio version too. The second email brings you practices that help you drop deeper, implement the learnt, make it tangible and feel the result in body, heart and mind. The practices draw on Dini’s twenty years of exploring, studying and living the yoga, tantra, Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology, as well as shamanic ways, indigenous wisdoms, energy and breathwork, meditation, conscious relating, sexual healing and self-enquiry tools.

If you are not sure which course to chose, email me where you are at, what part of you needs most healing, what you are hoping to get out of a course, where you’d like to be at by the end – and I’ll do my best to help you chose.

Applied Yoga Philosophy I

There are ten principles which form the baseline of modern yoga. In these first weeks we explore the first five, so called. Yamas. They are proven sign posts pointing us towards a behaviour in and towardst this world that will not only boost our own inner peace and well-being, but also the one of our planet and the community we live in.

For instance, do I need to be radically honest if this will hurt someone? The ancient yogic teachings suggest ahimsa, aka kindness, always comes first. What does this mean though in every day life? You will receive both applied theory, as well as practical exercises twise weekly into your inbox in order to fully explore and integrate all 5 yamas into your world.

Investment: 108USD

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Applied Yoga Philosophy II

We strongly suggest going on the above Yama journey first. Following that, you will be best equipped to dive into the latter five yogic principles, as described in Patanjali’s 8-fold path. Here it is all about how we treat ourselves, how we continue to grow and evolve and how we balance self-care with discipline, worldly desires with spiritual endeavours, the mundance and the divine.

Once more embodied tools will show you how to put the applied theory into practice – not by adding to your already busy to-do lists, but by gracefully weaving new, more nourishing and inspiring ways into your every day.

Investment: 108USD

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What past participants have to say

I so thoroughly enjoyed the course and meeting everyeone and divin gin deep. I plan to continue with my reflections on the Nyamas and how I incorporate them into my life. Thank you so much again.

— Sarah D. (marketing)

You put into each lesson an incredible amount of intellectual, emotional, and sweat equity, and for that we/I am grateful.  While I looked forward to reading and reflecting on your weekly emails, I especially liked and appreciated the hyperlinks to the additional audio and video resources.

— David L. (doctor)

Feeling so full with the knowledge you kindly continue to pass on. You are so much appreciated. I’m eternally grateful for crossing paths in this lifetime. Here’s to many more gatherings near and far. Makes the distance between all of us not seem so far – especially in times of global divide.

— Mariah S. (yoga teacher)

What I loved about the course as well is that it wasn’t too much to take on. I really loved how your emails came out on two separate days for easy digestions and then being able to sepnd the week reflecting on this and doing the extra activities.

— Sarah M. (healer)

Dini’s Tantra lessons have helped us build bridges over decades long devides. They have brought closeness and intimacy back, not only into the bedroom, but also into our friendship, parenting and co-habiting. Best investment ever.

— James R. (lawyer)

I enjoyed the [chakra] course so much. Working on physical, emotional, energetic all at once, with the small practices and longer ones to connect the dots, was so helpful. I have renewed my sense of the importance of structured thinking around energy centres, and how we can reach for these ancient ways to bring ourselves and our gifts to life. Thanks Dini for your loving presence throughout!

— Claire D. (women’s physio)

This course was totally unexpected (in a good way!). So wonderful to see we are getting back to basics- all the things which makes up the basis of a great relationship, on which intimacy can build. Really enjoyed it, even though my husband was a little skeptical. Without the course, he wouldn’t have participated in the activities. Thank you. Keen to see follow up courses.

— Anna S. (coorporate)