Tantra is a pathway not only for sexual ecstasy, but also for healing and fulfillment.




In a private session, whether alone or with a partner, we’ll be exploring a variety of breath, movement, cognitive, verbal and emotional release tools to create more connection. Unless we can feel the wholeness within, any relationship we seek, sexual or otherwise, will be one of dependency – one that requires the other person to satisfy what we can’t fill ourselves.

Only when we learn to feel complete within us, can a sacred union take place and become an experience that can take one beyond the physical constraints of our human existence. Sex can then become just as much a healing tool, as cleaning the house can feel ecstatic, eating orgasmic and having even confronting conversations, deeply satisfying. Eventually every breath will become a blissful experience in itself.

A journey back to wholeness

Private sessions (online or in person), tend to be clothed, with the exception of yoni and lingam massages, and focus on the tools and realms that is most needed in the moment. A conversation beforehand will explore your precise needs, expectations and boundaries.

Investment: US$120

Tantra Workshops

Tantra workshops can have different focuses, from sensual to sexual, from deep self-enquiry to couple and group work; from inside out and outside in; from cognitive and verbal, to energetic and emotional.

In all aspects, breath and movement will feature as that is one of the main tools of Tantra which allows us to move energy through. Whilst in Yoga we learn to sit equanimously and wait for things to pass, in tantra we actively move things through – emotions, trauma, habits, distructive patterns and excessive thoughts.

Deepening the work within a setting of people equally willing to face their own stuff, leaving the blaming and pittying aside, creates a powerful vibrations which go beyond healing towards empowering transformation. Within the set boundaries radical self-responsibility is required – another concept reawakening the power within. When this spreads beyond self, to the group, community and further, the world commences to heal with us.

As within, so without. When we heal, community heals, the world heals.

If you are keen to explore more, whether it is a Tantra session for a festival, brithday party, women’s circle, your organisation or other, get in touch so we can tailor something to your needs. Also check my workshop page where I’d be putting any open workshops up when they are on.

lAUREN l. Australia’19

Dini, thank you! I had a lot of emotions and gained insight yesterday [at your Chakra Workshop]. It will help me through my journey of change. I will be sure to book your workshops again.

River H. Panama’21

One of the best Yin classes I’ve ever had. Feel like a different person. Can’t even remember the stress I was feeling before!.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Justin R. Australia’21

Dini, thank you so much for the most authentic and energetic flow throughout 2020. Your guidance really helped rinse the fog of covic and continued to fuel a healthy fire within both of us. My wife and I learned so much about ourselves and each other through Chakra, breath and finally Yoga Nidra classes. We are so grateful for your guidance. You continue to give far more than anyone would expect, a true leader and mentor unrivalled.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Kle R. Australia’20

Dini, I can’t tell you how badly I needed your class. I got home and just sobbed, then took a lovely shower and feel a huge weight has been lifted. I can’t thank you enough for your time in class this year. You are an incredible teacher and I’m so so glad I found you! Thank you a million times over.

Rating: 5 out of 5.