Heal & Grow through Yoga & Tantra

Would you like to experience more inner peace? Mental well-being and physical health? Do you want to invite lasting joy? Or deep and meaningful relationships? What about revolutionizing your connection to breath to tap into your innate ability of sustained orgasmic bliss? How about attracting more flow into your life whilst also being at ease in challenging situations? Then I’ve got you covered.

Hi, I’m Dini Martinez.

Hi, I’m Dini Martinez. Some of my students call me a tantric yogini, others an Ayurvedic shaman. My fellow sailors know me as fire-dancing sea-gypsy. And yes, I think dreams are there for living them. As such, I have been sailing the world with my husband and three kids for the past ten years – on and off – sharing my passion for tantra, yoga and its sister sciences from Australia, over the Mediterranean to the Caribbean Sea, with prisoners and refugees; corporate mums and dads; glamorous superyacht owners; blissed out hippies; and people just like you.

I’m also an insatiably curious body worker and research gig always asking why. When it came to the real important issues in life like ‘Why are we here?’, ‘What’s our purpose?’ or ‘Is there more than the eyes can see?’ I dug down the science path as far as it would take me. When there were no more answers to be found there, I continued my investigations and experiential explorations into the ancient teachings of Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, Vipassana Meditation and Vedic Astrology, as well as indigenous wisdoms from many traditions, sexual healing and shamanic practices.

Be the change you wish to see in this world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Eventually the illusion of the world as we see it, the planet as we treat it and relationships as we tend to live them all crumbled. Decades of practice, exploration and dedication culminated in holding me through the Dark Night of the Soul where I learnt who I truly am – without anyone telling me. Spirit in a temporary human experience. Not human with the occasional spiritual moments. It is now from a space of inner knowing, humanitarian passion and overarching authenticity that I invite you to my sesions – online and in person – workshops, retreats and teacher trainings.

Would you like to join me on a journey to create more peace, joy, passion and bliss in your body, heart, mind and soul – and through your inner awakening, express this in your world? Our world?

Applied Tantra & Yoga Philosophy Online Immersions

Ready right now?

Check out my growing platform of online programs to heal and transform in the safety of your own home. Programs range from a seven-weeks Rainbow Bridge journey which takes you through all the major chakras, their healing ways, superpowers and beyond. If the yogi in you would like to apply the wonderful teachings of Patanjali beyond your yoga mat, then Yoga Philosophy I and II will have you covered in spreading more peace and serenty through every area of your life.

Last but not least, our all time favourite pair my five-weeks online for individuals, ideally preceding the five-weeks online for couples course. It’s sweet and rough, it’s applicaple and deep, it’s heart and mind, as well as body and soul. It’s a powerful way to transform your relationship with Self – and Other. What are you waiting for?

Tantric Foundation Yoga Teacher Training

Are you up for the journey of your lifetime?

This training is about learning through experience. It is about stepping onto the yoga mat with confidence and awareness of all your inner healing power. It is also, about stepping of the mat with self-love, compassion and a grace that will permeate your life and teachings. Whether you want to strengthen your practice and deepen your understanding of the ancient wisdom tradition of yoga, ayurveda, tantra and vedic astrology, or whether you can’t wait to teach your own classes, this multi-style yoga teacher training intensive will create a ‘before and after’ in your life

No mud – no lotus.

Dini Martinez

My Offerings

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.

Henry Ford


Birthday cirlces. Moon Circles. Women’s circles. Family circles. Divorce circles… When we sit in circle with other humans, something magical happens that taps back into our inherent ancient healing potential. The pineal gland, which houses the key to deep connnection with self and others, ancestral wisdom and Mother Earth, is reactivated. Understanding and insight occurs. Growth and healing take place ways and beyond the possibilities of the thinking brain.

Personalised Yoga

Whilste group yoga classes are a great way to explore different styles of yoga and teachers, they also have their limitations in deepening your own practice, performing poses correctly or healing trauma or injuries. Whether a one-off session to work on a particular pose or issue, regular private sessions to truly enhance your yoga or a private group session for a special occasion – we will cater to your personal needs.


Often misinterpreted, in its core, Tantra is a connection to our deepest, most powerful sacral energies. It arises through union, with ourselves and sometimes the other or others. The presence and aliveness that is gained through opening up the senses in conscious ways brings juiciness, passion and aliveness, not only back into our bedrooms, but into the kitchen, the office, the playground and any other area of life too one wishe to channel it towards.


In a one-hour Ayurvedic lifestyle consultation we will look at your food, lifestyle, energy levels and habits. From there we will explore adjustements through diet, herbs, rhythms and a variety of Vedic healing tools in line with your constitution. These will help your mind-body return to its optimal state of health and well-being. Optionally, some cleansing techniques might be recommmended as well.

Vedic Astrology

Most are aware of the influence the Sun and the Moon have on our mood, energy, cycles and daily lives. But how about all other planets? Why is there more agression when Mars retrogrades? And more beauty when Venus goes direct? Rading your birth chart is like checking the weather forecast before crossing an ocean. It’s not black and white kharma, but understanding the energetic influences around and within you to best navigate the river of life.


Pregnancy and birth are potentially the most magical and spiritual times. Dini, Mother of 3 and Doula since 2010, will bring back the sacred into the journey towards the deep surrender that is birth and parenthood. She will guide the whole family lovingly and safely to reconnect with all you already know through holistic information, natural birthing tools, emotional release techniques and shamanic wisdom.

Book in. Your healing starts now!

Fees & Bookings

The invesment for most 1-hour online sessions is 120USD and reduces for packages of five or more. For in person sessions, guided circles, workshops and Doula packages, please get in touch. In some circumstances payment plans will be offered.

If you are not so sure what you need to heal and grow into the most vibrant version of YOU that there can be, get in touch to discuss which uniquely tailored combo best suits your needs.

What we seek is the very essence of that which is seeking.


What others have to say

Recently had the privilege & rare opportunity of going on retreat hosted by Dini Martinez.Dini is an outstanding, dynamic retreat host & a nurturing natural Yoga Teacher.The Advanced Yoga training retreat felt more like going to an old friends house & spending the weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed the quality bonding time getting to know fellow sister Yogini Teachers. Dini’s multi- dexterity talents as Re-treat Host, Yoga teacher trainer, Yogini, musician, writer & her delicious Vegan cooking made for an enjoyable, nurturing…soul-nourishing weekend. Merci beaucoup!

Nathalie D., Mauritius, Yoga Teacher, March 2021

Dini, thank you so much for the most authentic and energetic flow throughout 2020. Your guidance really helped rinse the fog of covic and continued to fuel a healthy fire within both of us. My wife and I learned so much about ourselves and each other through Chakra, breath and finally Yoga Nidra classes. We are so grateful for your guidance. You continue to give far more than anyone would expect, a true leader and mentor unrivalled.

Justin R. (Yoga student and entrepreneur), Terrigal, Australia, Jan’21

I have been feeling a great sense of clarity and certainty into our home here since the [astrology] reading. Finally starting to turn a corner of looking around and having gratitude for all the little corners of love, painted walls, floors, gardens, growing trees etc that we have created… rather than always seeing the 100s of jobs we still have left to do.

Sam K. (physio and yoga teacher), Blue Mountains, Australia, June’20

The reading was great! The main things I took from it were a) confirmation that I’m on the right track [] and a reminder to keep up with my shadow and trauma healing work []…I think it’s great that you offer these follow up things like mantra and recommended gemstones at the end of the reading so people have a next step to incorporate in whatever came up for them in the reading, to help ground/ minimise any sense of information overload.

Tash H. (author), Melbourne, Australia, March’20

Dini, I can’t tell you how badly I needed your class. I got home and just sobbed, then took a lovely shower and feel a huge weight has been lifted. I can’t thank you enough for your time in class this year. You are an incredible teacher and I’m so so glad I found you! Thank you a million times over.

Kle R. (Ayurvda & yoga student), Central Coast, Australia, Dec’20

Dini, thank you! I had a lot of emotions and gained insight yesterday [at your Chakra Workshop]. It will help me through my journey of change. I will be sure to book your workshops again.

Lauren L. (new yoga student), Central Coast, Australia, Sep’20

I am soooooo optimistic that one day I will do YTT with you. I can’t think of anyone else I would most like to take that journey with. You’ve made a huge difference in my life! I’ve just finished writing my article for Mindful Parenting about how crisis test our faith in what we believe in. You have always helped me believe the path I have chosen is the right one, just by the truth of your words and your way of being in the world. “Inspiring” is too ephemeral a word – for me your example gives me courage and keeps me trying.

Shevonne H. (presenter) Sydney, Australia, Dec’19

Dini’s Vedic astrology session was amazing. She really knows her stuff. She took ktime to explain the science behind it so that I could understand my chart in the future whichc was really helpful. I’ve spent all my time looking at my sun sign and now realise my moon sign is equally if not omore important. Can’t wait to have another session with her and find out more.I highly recommend Dini she has a sixth sense and is very intuitive.

Louise C. (lawyer), London, UK, July’20

You didn’t change our lives – you make our flowers evolve under your light. You bring so much release to her wounded heart. Thank you for saving cette pauvre âme. Tellement d’amour dans tes yeux que je pourrais les boire. Thank you for being the one, listening with holy patience, to our unsaid needing feelings.

Un éternel merci à toi Dini. Tu m’as libéré de mon propre mal, de mon dévore….tu as touché mon cœur là où personne ne voulait regarder….DiniMerci merci d’être celle qui a redécouvert nos tendres ailes Tu es un des cadeaux dans ce cieL, merci d’être là pour nous tous.

Maryon B. (landscape artist and yoga teacher trainee), France, YTT 2020

My experience with Dini’s Ayurvedic consult/cleanse was more then I could have expected! I feel much more energised day to day, have amazing sleeps and finally kicked my sweet tooth to the curb! It has helped every aspect of my life and even helped improve my yoga practise. Being able to eat proper foods consciously and not be restricted is something I’ve always looked for when trying to find what suits my body. Dini is so knowledgeable and helpful and I couldn’t say enough good things about the consult/journey 🙂 11/10 recommend if you want to make some true lifestyle changes that will help you lead a healthy existence! Thank you Dini xx.

Mariah S. (yoga teacher), Canada, YTT 2020

I feel so much love, gratitude and wonder to be in your presence Dini, guided by your gentle ways, you’ve a way of supporting me (us and I speak on behalf of the group as we’ve all said this) that gives us the confidence and independence to go out on our own, but we’re not on our own. Its a fine balance that you’ve mastered with grace, gentleness and beautiful fiery passion 🙏🥰😍🧘‍♀️❤❤❤.

Marnie S. (marketing expert & yoga teacher), Australia, YTT 2020

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