Hi, I’m Dini

Hi, I’m Dini Martinez. Some of my students call me a tantric yogini, others an Ayurvedic shaman. My fellow sailors know me as a fire-dancing gypsy. And yes, I think dreams are there for living them. As such, I have sailed the world with my three kids and Argentinean husband for the past ten years – on and off – sharing my passion for yoga and all its sister sciences from Australia, over the Mediterranean to the Caribbean Sea, with prisoners, refugees, mums & dads, stressed out corporates, blissed out hippies and people just like you.

I’m also an insatiably curious writer and research gig always asking why. When it came to the real important issues in life like ‘Why are we here?’, ‘What’s our purpose?’ or ‘Is there more than the eyes can see?’ I dug down the science path as far as it would take me. When there were no more answers to be found there, I continued my investigations and experiential explorations into the ancient teachings of yoga, tantra, Ayurveda, Vipassana meditation and Vedic Astrology, as well as Australian aboriginal wisdoms and Shamanic practices. I would love to share my insights and healing ways I discovered over the last decades with you to create more peace, joy and bliss in your heart, and through you, in our world.

Would you like to experience more inner peace? Mental well-being and physical health? Do you want to invite lasting joy? Or deep and meaningful relationships? What about revolutionizing your connection to breath to tap into your innate ability of sustained orgasmic bliss? How about attracting more flow into your life whilst also being at east in challenging situations? Then I’ve got you covered.

200 hours Yoga Teacher Training, June’22 Panama

Our 200 hours Tantric Yoga Teacher Training is a deep immersion into the Vedic teachings of ancient India applied to everyday modern life. At it’s forefront not only stands the transmission of knowledge, but the reconnection to your inner wisdom. Like birthing a child, we all inherently know how to live from a place of love rather than fear and how to spread peace and harmony. Alas, modern life has led many astraigh.

Our training is about learning through experiencing. From there the best teachers emerge. You will be guided by Dini Martinez who brings twenty years of studying, living and teaching yoga, tantra, ayurveda and other indigenous wisdoms into the space, as well as her passion and dedicated yet loving approach to teaching. Dini lives on a sailing boat with her three children and husband and has travelled the world running retreats and teacher training for many years.

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