Hi, I’m Dini

Hi, I’m Dini Martinez. Some of my students call me a tantric yogini, others an Ayurvedic shaman. My fellow sailors know me as a fire-dancing gypsy. And yes, I think dreams are there for living them. As such, I have sailed the world with my three kids for the past ten years – on and off – sharing my passion for tantra, yoga and all its sister sciences from Australia, over the Mediterranean to the Caribbean Sea, with prisoners, refugees, mums & dads, stressed out corporates, blissed out hippies and people just like you.

I’m also an insatiably curious writer and research gig always asking why. When it came to the real important issues in life like ‘Why are we here?’, ‘What’s our purpose?’ or ‘Is there more than the eyes can see?’ I dug down the science path as far as it would take me. When there were no more answers to be found there, I continued my investigations and experiential explorations into the ancient teachings of yoga, tantra, Ayurveda, Vipassana meditation and Vedic Astrology, as well as indigenous wisdoms from many traditions, sexual healing and shamanic practices.

Eventually the illusion of the world as we see it, the planet as we treat it and relationships as we tent to live them all crumbled. Decades of practice, exploration and dedication culminated in holding me through the Dark Night of the Soul where I learnt who I truly am – without anyone telling me. Spirit in a temporary human experience. Not human with the occasional spiritual moments. It is now from a space of inner knowing, humanitarian passion and overarching authenticity that I share my trainings, online and in person, private sessions, retreats, workshops and teacher trainings.

Would you like to join me on a journey to create more peace, joy, passion and bliss in your heart and soul – and through your inner awakening, express this inyour world? Our world?

Ready right now?

Check out my growing platform of online programs to heal and transform in the safety of your own home. Programs range from a seven-weeks Rainbow Bridge journey which takes you through all the major chakras, their healing ways, superpowers and beyond. If the yogi in you would like to apply the wonderful teachings of Patanjali beyond your yoga mat, then Yoga Philosophy I and II will have you covered in spreading more peace and serenty through every area of your life.

Your journey of yourself, through yourself and to yourself can start

right here, right now!

Last but not least, our all time favourite pair my five-weeks online for individuals, ideally preceding the five-weeks online for couples course. It’s sweet and rough, it’s applicaple and deep, it’s heart and mind, as well as body and soul. It’s a powerful way to transform your relationship with Self – and Other. What are you waiting for?


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