H is for Happiness (17)Dini is an avid sailor, Reiki Healer, Ayurvedic practitioner, long-term plant-based nourisher, blogger, mother of three, freelance writer and passionate yoga teacher. Most of the time, she lives on a boat with her family, sails the seven seas and teaches Yoga and Ayurveda at retreats, workshops and festivals around the world. When at home down under, grounding, Dini and her family are building an off-grid sustainable house at the Narara Eco Village, an hour north of Sydney.

She has been practising Yoga and meditation, on and off the mat, for over 15 years. Fitness and dance teachings turned towards yoga many years ago. Her continuous studies of Ayurveda, work as Doula, passion for wholesome, plant-based nutrition and holistic approach to motherhood all influence her teachings. Whilst many great teachers including Iyengar, Shiva Rae, Simon Borg-Oliver, Cam Storey, Clive Sheridan and Vipassana’s Goenka to name but a few have left traces and inspiration in Dini’s practice, her toughest teachers are her children. They play a transformational role in the journey of taking yoga beyond the mat and into a happier and healthier life. Old yoga scriptures are also a resource she often draws back upon.
H is for Happiness (27)Often pranayam, mudhras, bandhas and kryas make their way into her classes and give students a whole new angle to approach movement, breath and life. Her subtle, Reiki and Thai massage influenced adjustments have created a name for themselves and can aid major shifts in body, mind and soul.

Be prepared for more than a normal yoga class or holiday. Transformation and change are the only constants in life. Dini’s authenticity and aliveness, coupled with a great love and passion for teaching, has inspired many yogis and others around the world to also dare living the life that they dream of.

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