My Journey

Hi you! Thanks for checking me out and find out more… before potentially allowing me to guide you deeper on your inward journey towards peace, love, utmost bliss and mystical sexiness at any of my workshops, retreats, teacher trainings or online programs .

Let’s start with the Yoga. Rather cliché, I found Yoga to manage stress during university. Destiny was kind and led me straight to one of the best teachers I have ever had, even now that almost twenty years have passed (Thank you Cam!). Whilst his strong Ashtanga inspired practice fortified physical strength and flexibility, it was just as much about understanding and growing the mental and spiritual journey that is yoga. The day I graduated, I left for my first ten-day silent Vipassana Meditation retreat.

The often endless twelve hours we spent meditating each day took me through much turmoil of growing up across several boarding schools in different countries – always free and wild, but never with any roots or home to catch me when I fell. The agony of equanimously trying to breathe through this unexpected mental revival paid off. A space opened within me that felt like finally arriving home. Ever since, no matter what the outer world has thrown at me, I haven’t hit rock bottom anymore. Recurring depression has made space for a place of inner contentment and deep gratitude for all there is, rather than a longing and nostalgia for all there is not.

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Somewhere along this journey my study and practice of Ayurveda, tantra, shamanism, reiki, birthing, breath work, Vedic astrology and various self inquiry tools including Vipassana, Non Violent Communication and the Work of Byron Katie have deepened my holistic path from yoga to tantra, from connecting with self, to connecting with the Other. In whatever I do and teach, all those interrelated disciplines somewhat weave in. Ayurveda has become the way I nourish my three kids through wholesome, plant-based food, massage and deep connection to themselves, each other and the planet. Tantra has not only catapulted my 14-year-long open marriage to a whole new level, but also taught me how to feel orgasmic bliss anytime, anywhere. And Jyotish Astrology is showing me ways to live more in tune with the cosmic rhythms to name but a few.

From teaching dance in my youth, through several teacher trainings and courses, the progression to becoming a embodied movement teacher of yoga and tantra was fluid. After several years working for renowned international organisations trying to make the world a better place, I understood that change will only happen when people start changing from within. This is how first yoga, and since around 2015 tantra, expanded from passion and part-time, to full time mission. I now run regular teacher trainings, retreats and workshops, in Australia and overseas, guiding keen soul seekers like you to find the key to your home within.

When not busy with above, I world-school my kids, love surfing with them, make raw treats, blog and write articles, travel, fire-juggle, journey deeply in the old shamanic ways and, of course, go sailing. The sea is my home and my family and I have lived on our sail boat on and off since 2013. After years in the Mediterrinean and some years in an eco-village back home in Australia, we have been cruising the beautiful and sparkling Caribbean Sea since the Global Pause. Central America is where I’ll be running most of my life events in the foreseeable future. You can find out more about our sailing journey at SailingYogaFamily. Also, if you sign up to our newsletter you won’t only be the first one to know about any new Yoga, Tantra retreats, Circle offerings and more, but also get a monthly full moon update from me on where we are at in our slow and conscious, nomadic journey around the world.

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