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What past participants say

Sarah D.

I so thoroghly enjoyed the course and meeting everyeone and divin gin deep. I plan to continue with my reflections on the Nyamas and how I incorporate them into my life. Thank you so much again.

Sarah D.

What I loved about the course as well is that it wasn’t too much to take on. I really loved how your emails came out on two separate days for easy digestions and then being able to sepnd the week reflecting on this and doing the extra activities.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
David L.

You put into each lesson an incredible amount of intellectual, emotional, and sweat equity, and for that we/I am grateful.  While I looked forward to reading and reflecting on your weekly emails, I especially liked and appreciated the hyperlinks to the additional audio and video resources.

James R.

Dini’s Tantra lessons have helped us build bridges over decades long devides. They have brought closeness and intimacy back, not only into the bedroom, but also into our friendship, parenting and co-habiting. Best investment ever.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Mariah S.

Feeling so full with the knowledge you kindly continue to pass on. You are so much appreciated. I’m eternally grateful for crossing paths in this lifetime. Here’s to many more gatherings near and far. Makes the distance between all of us not seem so far – especially in times of global divide.

Anna S.


This course was totally unexpected (in a good way!). So wonderful to see we are getting back to basics- all the things which makes up the basis of a great relationship, on which intimacy can build. Really enjoyed it, even though my husband was a little skeptical. Without the course, he wouldn’t have participated in the activities. Thank you. Keen to see follow up courses.

Rating: 5 out of 5.