Ekam Yoga Festival

I’m still integrating after a deep shammanic journey one-week off in the Blue Mountains and not surprisingly life’s business has thrown me straight into an involuntary spring cleanse. This is my body saying to to going from no speed to 150kmh in no time.

Once I find my words I will try and give my temple arts experience more justice with its own post, but for now, let me just reaffirm the depth one can find when you give yourself some space. Away from daily obligations and constant to do lists the mind becomes clearer, life more obvious and dreams very tangible. One has time to connect with what is really important – that which ironically in most of our daily lives rarely finds emphasis.

blue mountains.jpg

Very different, but this  weekend too I’m heading away again, this time taking my beautiful family along. Join us at the Ekam Yoga Festival if you are somewhere around Australia’s East Coast. On Saturday I’ll be offering a heart-healing Yin and Tantric Meditation session and Sunday before lunch an Inversions Workshop. Besides, there’s a yummy, juicy mix of incredible presenters from and around the yogi world and activities for every age, shape, form and desire – including stillness.

Whether I see you on the mat, in the forest, land, or ocean, here or there, I hope when we do meet we truly see each other. That’s another gift of learning to breathe more fully again. You see people for who they truly are. You taste things for their pure essence. You smell nature like it was the very first time. You hear music like it is caressing your soul… In other words, you feel SO much more alive;)


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