Covid19 – A New Beginning


What unprecedented times we are going through! How curious to observe individuals and humanity all come together in unity, even if through fear. Interesting! Trying to listen to the shamanic energy behind the hyped-up virus hype, I feel this deep invitation to go inwards. More and more lock downs across the world are leaving people no choice than going inwards. First outwardly, but when the Netflix movies will run out, everyone will have no choice but to face themselves. People will start reading books, playing games, making arts and making love. People will take time to cook and spend time in their gardens. People will be in and with their families or themselves, with time to reflect, be still and maybe find their divinity on the way.

A full rainbow talking to my shamanic roots. Deep vibrational shifts are taking place around the world.

Many years ago I changed from working in the sustainability, development and ecology field to dedicating every aspect of my life to yoga. I realized that writing human rights reports for big financial institutions, conducting carbon inventories and even getting stakeholders on board various UN initiatives was more than anything paper shuffling. For change to occur in this world, it has to come from the inside. And this is what is bound to happen. We cannot keep treating the earth, our planet, ourselves and each other the way we have been. The system we have created is slowly killing us up and leaving the earth as depleted as our sense-starved souls. The new decade is bringing the dramatic change we all need. Transition and transformation rarely comes in a smooth and effortless way. But as most who have given birth might be able to testify, the moment when you are about to give up, when everything seems too hard, when you seem to explode from the inside… is the opening of the gateway to a new life.

Staying sane and healthy

Now more than ever it’s important we don’t drop our practice. We not only need to keep our bodies strong through asana, our lungs immune through pranayam, our hearts expanded through meditation and our souls clear by doing the right thing onto self and others. We also need to keep joy in our lives. Keep dancing in the rain, singing in the sun, making love and rejoicing in the little daily moments which make life worth living. This in itself keeps our immunity strong.

Although most of my personal plans have been thrown overboard and I’m out of work as hour by hour all my yoga schools are closing down, and all flights from Australia are being suspended from Friday on, I’m logging of with a smile in my heart knowing that big change has been needed, and big change is happening, and trusting in the best. As we find ourselves physically isolated, we are discovering how truly interconnected we are.

When we come out of this we will grief our losses and rejoice in the ability to hug one another. Then humanity will move on into a brighter future, with less greed, and more awareness, appreciation and gratitude. Less wasted time on the non-essential, and more space with loved ones and nature. We will understand better the importance of looking after the earth and one another and include our minds, hearts and souls in our physical cleansing rituals. I trust, this is the end of an isolating, egoistic and destructive chapter, and the beginning of a new more harmonious, peaceful and bliss-filled way of life.


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