Gratitude to Earth


Today I’m feeling sad.

Packing up a house doesn’t bother me.

My soul was meant for the sea.

But ripping out a garden which has sustained me,

when there was no boat to gently rock me towards the horizon,

is heart breaking.

As we nourished your dead earth back,

giving worms, compost, nutrients and love to depleted top soils,

Pachamama, you started giving back.

A sigh of relief like this whole year of forced slowing down,

Stopping to rape you, you come back with so much kindness.

Fairy gardens, meditation corners, fruit trees, veggie beds…

And all the memories of when you soaked up my tears, nourished in my moon blood and celebrated my joys with the opening of one of your most precious petal.

Wherever we land next, I promise we will nourish another part of you.

Today my gratitude and more tears is all I have to share – and yet, you not only give me a rainbow, but land its end right on our crown.


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