Our New Home

Sparkling, rippling, ondulating. The ocean sends its lagoon into our garden. Fresh. Fresh. Fresh.

Lush, green, waving. The palmtrees gently stroking the morning breeze. Peace. Peace. Peace.

Cute, innocent, curious. The ducks and geeze waddling up to our deck to say G’day. Joy. Joy. Joy.

Welcoming, warm, cosy. Our seaside cottage embracing us to start a new chapter. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

Promising, exhilirating, exciting. A new chapter opening its curtains. Ready. Steady. Go.

Unpacked, patient, non-demanding. Boxes to be unpacked to create new ways. Potential. Potential. Potential.

Dreaming, cuddled-up, smiling. My kids sleeping deeply. Innocence. Innocence. Innocence.

Still, presencing, connected. Me meditating, soaking the dawn in quietly on our deck. Bliss. Bliss. Bliss.

Integrating, processing, voyer-ing. You joining me in this dream and maybe sharing your’s? Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.


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