Roadtrip 2 Boattrip in Mexico


First impressions of our second chapter as a sailing family from my other blog.

Sailing Yoga Family

Female sailor on promenade looking for yacht to buy in Acapulco

Three weeks in Mexico now. And what a three weeks it’s been. The short story of this post – we’ve cut the shorelines again. That is, the lines that tied us to the rat race in Australia… albeit a lovely rat race, still the rat race it was, living in and contributing to a system that is destroying the world and all its inhabitants. Not a system I wanted me kids to grow up in and think that that’s the way to go. If we keep going with the status quo the Western world perceives, there won’t be much future for our children to put it plainly.

Since our last sailing adventure, when we cruised the Med for three years on a Moody 425 with a toddler and a new born, five years have passed. Five years of growth…

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