Roadtrip South

Road-tripping South. First hour and a bit still detaching from farewells and other left-behind issues, rolling through Sydney traffic. Once on the southbound highway I crank the music up and start singing. Jason Mraz talks to my heart. Time for long phone conversations as I roll on without traffic. Each town I pass, the memory … More Roadtrip South

Wild Child

Originally posted on Sailing Yoga Family:
My wild child your home is the Sea Conceived on the waves She was the first you could see. Blue eyes like the water, expansive as the horizon, the world your oyster That’s my wish for thee. ? Now you roam secluded beaches, grassy planes, green hills and lush…


Yoga and meditation talk a lot about detachment from both positive and negative judgements. No clinging, no aversion. It’s hard for many of us Type A-trained Westerners whose schooling (at least mine) indoctrinated the big slogan of ‘No pain, no gain’ deep into our psyche. At least in my childhood there was no talk about … More Self-care

My boat, my yoga mat.

Yoga leads to a state where it doesn’t matter where you are and what you are doing. As Samadhi, the 8th step of the eight-fold-path, unfolds, internal quiet, contentment and happiness arise, regardless of where you are doing what. Yet, on the way there, the importance of ‘Sangha’, a supportive community, cannot be underestimated. Us … More My boat, my yoga mat.