Time off

The importance of taking time out has been written about many a times. And yet, I feel the urge to mention it again as I see most people talking about it, and very few actually doing it, including myself. Until last month that is. After last year’s seemingly long, cold and monotonous winter, I wouldn’t … More Time off

Yoga Nidra

http://www.youtube.com/watch This guided deep meditation is powerful beyond words, beyond deep relaxation, beyond a tool to calm down an anxious mind… Following the traditional format of Swami Satyananda and scientifically proven, a regular Yoga Nidra practice can rewrite your brain, freeing you from deep rooted trauma and unhelpful patterns. This way you open up to … More Yoga Nidra

What’s it like to be a Doula?

Next to my yoga and home-schooling, I have been doula-ing on and off for almost a decade now. My favourite journo @Shevonne from @Babyology wondered what it is like to be a Doula… Here’s another fantastic, ten minute interview for you to expand your horizon: babyology.com.au/podcasts/feedplaylove/dini-martinez-what-its-like-to-be-a-doula/


It’s quite remarkable how the past six months have shifted things in my life. It started with my first Ayahuasca journey late last year. A deep insight from Pachamama. From there further signs and tools and wake up calls trickled in – from conversations with friends, understandings from my yoga students, more sacred ceremonies, tantric … More Confest