Yoga Teacher Training

Be the change you wish to see in this world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Find your authenticity to teach with

joy and confidence.



Our holistic and applied yoga teacher training is about learning through experience. It is about stepping onto the yoga mat with confidence in and awareness of all your inner healing power. It is also, about stepping of the mat with self-love, compassion and a grace that will permeate your life and teachings.

Whether you want to strengthen your yoga practice and deepen your understanding of the ancient wisdom traditions of yoga, ayurveda, tantra and vedic astrology, or whether you can’t wait to teach your own classes, this multi-style yoga teacher training intensive will create a ‘before and after’ in your life.


Receive one of the most holistic understandings of yoga in all its aspect

Train with someone who has dedicated their life to the practice of Yoga & Tantra

Get plenty of experience teaching, allowing you to emerge with authenticity & confidence

Experience the healing power of breath, meditation, Chakras and Ayurveda

Most of the training takes place outdoors, amongst sloths, howler monkeys, tropical birds, around our lush jungle cafe and Bocas’ most pristine beaches.

Your Master Teacher

You will be guided by Dini Martinez who brings twenty years of studying, living, and teaching Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology, as well as shamanic and indigenous traditions into the space. She is an international retreat leader, Vedic lifestyle coach and captain of a sailing boat that she’s been sailing around the world for ten years and calls home, together with her husband and three kids. She has worked with prisoners in Australia, refugees in Malta, corporates on superyachts and other wellness professionals around the world, and can’t wait to transform your life too.

Bocas del Toro, Panama

Through the mangrove-lined jungles of Isla Bastimentos lies Selina Bocas del Toro Red Frog, just a 10-minute water taxi ride from Bocas’ town. Featuring a palm-tree garden, outdoor pool, restaurant, yoga deck, and cowork area (complete with speedy WiFi!), our remote jungle getaway is the perfect way to disconnect from routine and connect to the outdoors. More here.

2023 Dates

3-23 Sep’23, Bocas del Toro, Panama

Inner Peace

200 hours Course Content

Yoga History & Philosophy

Not only will we study the history and philosophy of yoga, but we will endeavour to increasingly apply all precepts (yamas and nymasa) of yoga in our daily lives, such as ahimsa (non-violence) and svadyaya (self-study). We will also explore the concepts of dharma and karma, amongst others through ancient yogi texts like the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (see ‘Required books’below).

Ayurveda, Tantra &

Vedic Astrology

Study Ayurveda, Yoga’s medical sister science, as it can change the way one should approach a yoga practice. You will also get exposed to Tantra, yoga’s sensual cousin with different tools of working with kundalini, yet similar aims of spiritual awakening, as well as a first glimpses into Vedic Astrology to recognize planetary influences in yoga and life.

Yoga Styles

To further your repertoire and deepen your insight into the many facets of yoga, we will explore Vinyasa, Ashtanga as well as Iyengar influences, Hatha, Slow Flow, Yin and Acro, as well as pre- & post-natal yoga. With a solid understanding of the basics, you will be given the tools to develop your own unique style and sequences.

Meditation & Pranayam

Experience and practice a variety of breath and meditation techniques, as well as subtle tools such as Mudras and Bandhas which can assist your practice. Just like muscles need to strengthen to perform certain poses, so the mind needs to practice to find stillness, and the breath expand to find peace in ecstacy and ecstasy in peace.

Sanskrit Basics

Just like it is impossible to truly learn a language without understanding its culture, so too it is very helpful to break down the essence of the language from the time and place where yoga emerged from and is still based on.

Anatomy & Physiology

Learn to perform and teach simple to advanced asanas with acuracy and understanding of both basic human anatomical structures, as well as subtle body influences. All most common poses will be broken down, one by one, and specific workshops will guide you deeper into backbends, inversions and even myofascia releases.

Alignment & Adjustment Skills

Adjusting students or yourself is an art of itself. You will have plenty of opportunities to practice and receive both hands-on and verbal feedback on your own technique and others’ and even gain an insight into Reiki which can be a particularly powerful technique in teaching Yin and private classes.

Teaching Methodology

Immerse yourself into the art of teaching, from methodology and intelligent sequencing of a class, over voice projection and reading your students’ needs, to planing and delivering a large variety of classes in an authentic and professional way. There will be plenty of opportunities to practice your teaching skills.

Chakras, Koshas & Cleansing

Experience different layers of energetics and their effects on our body, mind and spirit. Our training includes specific workshops on Chakras (energy wheels that ultimately liberate the kundalini serpent), koshas (layers of the body), meridian systems and their seasonal application, applied cleansing practices and more.

Transformational Experiences

To become an authentic teacher, you need to journey deeper yourself first. As such, plenty of opportunities to grow, to shed layers, to cry and laugh and immerse deeply will be offered, including sharing circles, a solstice ceremony, kirtan and an indigenous rebirthing ceremony.

One Yoga – Many Styles

Essential Info

Required Books

Example Day

Our Jungle Retreat Centre by the Beach

Accomodation at Selina Red Frog

Through the mangrove-lined jungles of Isla Bastimentos lies Selina Bocas del Toro Red Frog, just a 10-minute water taxi ride from Bocas’ town. Featuring a palm-tree garden, outdoor pool, restaurant, yoga deck, and cowork area (complete with speedy WiFi!), our remote jungle getaway is the perfect way to disconnect from routine and connect to the outdoors.

Panama is now open! Travel freely and experience events, classes, and trips across all of our destinations with no curfew or travel restrictions.

Stretch into a yoga session on our deck complete with monkey calls and views of palm trees swaying in the breeze. In the mood for action? Join snorkeling lessons, jungle treks, excursions to national parks, and trips to secret beaches run by our team of local guides. Back at Selina, kick back and order a drink at our incredible beach bar embracing crystal clear waters and beautiful white sands. Compared to our other Bocas destination, we’re more down tempo but if you’re looking to party, head to the town center to soak up some reggaeton, soca, and Afro-Caribbean rhythms in the streets of Bocas!


Accomodation at Selina Red Frog


A bed in one of our Community Room offers security, comfort, and the chance to connect with fellow travelers. You’ll receive a twin size bed or bunk bed, an individual storage locker, and access to a shared bathroom.



Similar to a ship or train cabin, this is our most basic private sleeping solution. Compact and modest, the micro room is perfect if you’re looking for a place to retreat, sleep and a small area to store your belongings. The bathroom is shared between up to 4 micro rooms.



A classic stay: affordable, comfortable, and private. Our standard option provides the ideal space to comfortably unwind in total privacy, sleep cozily in a double bed and enjoy your private bathroom. If you are coming with someone wh you would like to share this room with, please get in touch wiht us tfor special deals.


Standard Balcony

Same as above Standard room but with your own balcony.



Our cozy bungalows are a jungle experience in themselves. With Queen sized bed and private bathroom, you can enjoy the full nature immersion amidst the monkeys, sloths and lush foliage.


Bungalow Deluxe

Same as above Bungalow, except with a king sized bed instead of a queen sized one.



The next level of comfort for someone who needs a break after the day’s adventures. This large room comes with a private bathroom, king sized bed, sofas, chairs, your own desk, A/C and – depending on the destination – a private balcony to enjoy scenic views. Insulated and sound-proofed walls guarantee a peaceful rest. Designed with a keen eye for detail, the deluxe room is equipped with your comfort as the top priority.


Disconnect to Reconnect


Included in Package Prices

  • 200 page YTT Manual
  • 21 nights accommodation at Selina Red Frog
  • 3 delicious daily vegetarian / vegan meals
  • Potable water and herbal tea
  • 200 hrs YTT Certificate upon Completion
  • Daily meditation sessions, yoga classes and workshops
  • Full YTT schedule
  • Use of pool and all other hotel facilities
  • Water taxi to our retreat centre upon arrival

Not Included

  • Airfares
  • Travel Insurance
  • Covid Test
  • Additional services or excurcions like massages, laundy, surf lessons or island hopping

Testimonial by Eliza who attended both a retreat and a teacher training with Dini and is now succesfully teaching yoga full time.

There is no graduation…

more a rite of passage into the next chapter.

Your Yoga Teacher Trainer

Lead Teacher: Dini Martinez

Dini has been devoted to yoga for almost 20 years. She is an experienced yoga teacher with over 4,000 teaching hours, Reiki practitioner, Ayurvedic consultant, passionate Tantrika, skilled Doula, certified Vedic Astrologer and international retreat leader. Dini speaks seven languages and loves nature and music and can frequently be caught with her guitar, singing and dancing both alone under the shower and on the beach leading ecstatic dance ceremonies for embodied movement enthusiasts from around the globe.

Combining numerous teachings, Dini guides her own style of Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga from a deep place of authenticity. She continuously deepens her own practice through 10-day-silent Vipassana meditation retreats, Yin immersions, Tantric trainings, Shamanic ceremonies, ISTA work, Anatomy workshops, as well as daily rituals on and off the mat.

Through yoga Dini found a home inside which she had never felt growing up across several countries and boarding schools. People around the world – including refugees and prisoners – have been impacted by her vedic teachings which affect the way she cooks, gardens, sails, mothers, relates, loves and lives. She is deeply passionate about sharing these ancient practices, effective tools and her multi-disciplinary skills with her students to tap into their greatest potential and help spread more Light and Love around the world.

When not leading retreats or teacher trainings she lives on a sailing boat with her three young children and Argentinean husband and sails the seven seas.

View more

The secret of mudras explained

from both a Vedic and Aboriginal perspective.

Who is this Training for?

It is…

…for you, if you have been practicing yoga for some time – in whatever shape or form – and are not only eager to deepen your practice and understanding of this ancient practice and life philosophy, but also open to shedding everything you thought you know to step into anything you never deemed possible.

You need to be open to cry, willing to laugh and accepting of making mistakes. We need to learn to trust each other and somewhere along this process you will probably form some of the deepest friendships of your life.

If you are ready to embark on a three week immersion of every layer of yourself in order to emerge as the best version of you possible, then we can’t wait to welcome you here!

It is not…

a three week holiday with a bit of yoga added on. The days are full and intense. You will most likely reach the end of your comfort zone and be invited to step beyond – into the transformational field of growth. A teacher is only ever able to take their students as deep as they have dived themselves.

If you are just after a quick and easy 200 hrs yoga teacher trainer certificate, with pure focus on teaching, rather than evolving yourself, then this training is not for you. We firmly believe that teaching is the ultimate seed of a tree that has grown strong roots and beautiful flowers.

Inversions Workshop


“If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.”

Yogi Bhajan
Yoga Teacher Trainees, Australi

 “I found immense growth in pranayam/meditation/practice first up in the morning. Especially after the walk up to the lookout on Sunday. Having walked up and not really being aware of anything, but walking back being “mindfull” of the beauty of Mother Earth… felt so truly connected. I feel I’ve dropped deeper in another level of understanding and awareness after this weekend. I feel there is SO much I haven’t uncovered within myself that needs to be released that I have either brushed off or just never addressed… but after the weekend Its become so clear to me to make meditation a priority every day! The calling to connect with oneness, the universe.. has never felt so strong. Growing with sisters, pure goddess energy, amounts to nothing else. Like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Expansion and peace within.”

Mariah S., Yoga Teacher, Sydney Australia 2021
YTT graduate upon receiving yoga teacher training certificate and hug? "Raw, true connection. oneness, synchronicity, pure love, absolute bliss...
a few things that come to my mind as we integrate past this beautiful journey. I’m beyond grateful to have shared it with the most amazing souls who have taught me so, so much.
it’s so much more then the certificate, it’s the growth from within, remembering our truth, creating and holding safe spaces to help those around us bloom. life is about lifting one another up- balance works when you have each other to lean on.
“and the day came when the risk it took to remain in a tight bud was more painful then the risk it took to blossom.” Gratitude, compassion, love and light."
YTT Graduation ceremony: “Raw, true connection. oneness, synchronicity, pure love, absolute bliss…
a few things that come to my mind as we integrate past this beautiful journey. I’m beyond grateful to have shared it with the most amazing souls who have taught me so, so much… It’s so much more than the certificate, it’s the growth from within, remembering our truth, creating and holding safe spaces to help those around us bloom. life is about lifting one another up- balance works when you have each other to lean on. Gratitude, compassion, love and light!”
Peter Stech after completing
Cat Moyle’s thoughts after a ten day yoga retreat with Dini in India, 2

Yoga family – Community for Life.

People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

Steve Jobs


What to bring?

Comfy clothes, your own mat, block and strap if you have (if not get in touch with us before the training), mosquito spray.

Will I be able to teach after the YTT?

If you attend all classes and workshops, give your best at your practice exams and pass the test in the end, you will receive your teaching certificate and will be able to teach around the world. You will get seeveral opportunities should the first one not work out and personal assistance if needed.

Many trainings, especially online ones, lack the practice hours our training provides. This will not only make you feel like a knowledgable and confident teacher, but also will make teaching safe for your students and a joy for you. There are some money-making associations out there handing out certificate in exchange for $.

For us it’s about the authenticity, safety and teaching, ultimately from a deep level of transformation that has occurred within you. All our past graduates who wanted to teach went straight into several classes a week or more.

Will I need travel insurance?

That’s totally up to you. It is generally recommended to purchase a travel insurance, especially in current times and ideally with a Covid incluse clause.

Are there any vax or testing requirements?

Just like the yogic teachings, we are not in favour of any separation or segreagation. Everyone is welcome on our trainings and retreats, regardless of age, race, shape, vax status, sexual orientation or anything else. We fully support bodily autonomy. The practice of yoga in all its aspects, together with our jungle setting, common-sense hygene practices and delicious vegan/vegetarian diet throughout the program will strengthen your immune system naturally. For Covid regulations to enter Panama, please check the official websites or ask your airline as regulations change constantly.

Can I join this training if I have never done yoga before?

You require 2 years of more or less regular practice lus a committment to practice at least 3 times a week in the 6 weeks leading up to the training.

What substances are not allowed during the training?

We strongly recommend to abstain from alcohol and any other drugs throughout the duration of the training. Even coffee should be reduced to a minimum in order to experience your natural energy household at its purest on this journey to more self-undersatnding. In some tantric practices certain plant medicines have a space which we will discuss. Yet, given it is first and foremost a yoga training, none, except local cacaotaken in ceremony, will be experienced throughout the three weeks. We shall keep this for another rereat perhaps.

What is your payment and cancellation policy?

To secure your sport in the training we need a 20% deposit. The remainder of the training fee is due 60 days prior to the training.

In the case of cancellation before those 60 days prior, you can transfer your deposit to any other training or retreat.

If cancellation occurs between 60 to 30 days prior to the reatreat, we will return your retreat fee minus the refund.

If you cancel within the 30 days leading up to the retreat, 50% of your retreat fee will be refunded.

If you cancel withint ten days of the retreat,we are sorry no refund can be given.

And the day came when the risk it took to remain in a tight bud was more painful then the risk it took to blossom.

Anadae Judith

Shamanic Closing Ceremony

Are you ready for transformation?