Yoga Teacher Training

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200 hours Course Content

Yoga History & Philosophy

Not only will we study the history and philosophy of yoga, but we will endeavour to increasingly apply all precepts (yamas and nymasa) of yoga in our daily lives, such as ahimsa (non-violence) and svadyaya (self-study). We will also explore the concepts of dharma and karma, amongst others through ancient yogi texts like the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (see ‘Required books’below).

Ayurveda, Tantra &

Vedic Astrology

Study Ayurveda, Yoga’s medical sister science, as it can change the way one should approach a yoga practice. You will also get exposed to Tantra, yoga’s sensual cousin with different tools of working with kundalini, yet similar aims of spiritual awakening, as well as a first glimpses into Vedic Astrology to recognize planetary influences in yoga and life.

Yoga Styles

To further your repertoire and deepen your insight into the many facets of yoga, we will explore Vinyasa, Hatha, Slow Flow, Yin and Acro, as well as pre- & post-natal yoga. Several guest teachers will deepen your knowledge in specific fields such as Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kundalini and Yoga Therapy. With a solid understanding of the basics, you will be given the tools to develop your own unique style and sequences.

Meditation & Pranayam

Experience and practice a variety of breath and meditation techniques, as well as subtle tools such as Mudras and Bandhas which can assist your practice. Just like muscles need to strengthen to perform certain poses, so the mind needs to practice to find stillness, and the breath expand to find peace.

Anatomy & Physiology

Learn to perform and teach simple to advanced asanas with acuracy and understanding of both basic human anatomical structures, as well as subtle body influences. All most common poses will be broken down, one by one, and specific workshops will guide you deeper into backbends, inversions and even myofascia releases.

Alignment & Adjustment Skills

Adjusting students or yourself is an art of itself. You will have plenty of opportunities to practice and receive both hands-on and verbal feedback on your own technique and even gain an insight into Reiki which can be a particularly powerful technique in teaching Yin and private classes.

Teaching Methodology

Immerse yourself into the art of teaching, from methodology and intelligent sequencing of a class, over voice projection and reading your students’ needs, to planing and delivering a large variety of classes in an authentic and professional way. There will be plenty of opportunities to practice your teaching skills.

Chakras, Koshas & Cleansing

Experience different layers of energetics and their effects on our body, mind and spirit. Our training includes specific workshops on Chakras (energy wheels that ultimately liberate the kundalini serpent), koshas (layers of the body), Meridian systems and their seasonal application, applied cleansing practices and more.

Transformational Experiences

To become an authentic teacher, you need to journey deeper yourself first. As such, plenty of opportunities to grow, to shed layers, to cry and laugh and immerse deeply will be offered, including sharing circles, moon ceremony, kirtan and an Aboriginal rebirthing ceremony.

One training – many styles: Acro Yoga on the beach.

Essential info

Make friends for life.

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There is no graduation…

more a rite of passage into the next chapter.

Required books

Applied anatomy.

Your Teachers

Lead Teacher: Dini Martinez

Dini has been devoted to yoga for almost 20 years. She is an experienced yoga teacher with over 2,000 teaching hours, Reiki practitioner, Ayurvedic consultant, passionate Tantrika, Doula, certified Vedic Astrologer and international retreat leader.

Combining numerous teachings, Dini guides her own style of Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga from a deep place of authenticity. She continuously deepens her own practice through 10-day-silent Vipassana meditation retreats, Yin immersions, Tantric trainings, Shamanic ceremonies, ISTA work, Anatomy workshops, as well as daily rituals on and off the mat.

Through yoga Dini found a home inside which she had never felt growing up across several countries and boarding schools. People around the world – including refugees and prisoners – have been impacted by her vedic teachings which affect the way she cooks, gardens, sails, mothers, relates and lives. She is deeply passionate about sharing these ancient practices, effective tools and her multi-disciplinary skills with her students to tap into their greatest potential and help spread more Light and Love around the world.

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Guest Teachers

Specialists in their field will bring their knowledge and energy to our field, including

Mardi Bell, Ashtanga Yoga Workshop

Robyn Pearson, Iyengar Yoga Workshop

Harjinder Rut Froehlich, Kundalini Yoga & Yoga Therapy

Samantha King, Physiotherapist, Pelvic floor specialist and yoga teacher

Gary Hastings, Subtle Energy Immersion

Ray Ray Sunshine will bring so much joy and healing for our throat chakra in his unforgettable voice projection workshop

*all guest teachers subject to change

The secret of mudras explained from both a

Vedic and Aboriginal perspective.


Yoga family – community for life.

Tuition Fee

*Deposit and course fee are non-refundable. All payment due before start of the training, unless otherwise agreed.

Aboriginal rebirthing and

shamanic closing ceremony.

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