Sailing Yoga Family

Sunset by VegaDearest yogi friend, most of my days I’m busy practising or teaching yoga on and off the mat, but rarely in front of a screen. Thus forgive me not making the time to maintain two blogs, but if you would like to check in with ponderings from my sailing boat and family life – the two platforms on which my ‘real’ yoga tends to mostly unfold (after all, the asanas are just an aid and a preparation for ‘real’ life), then head over to – a blog I started in 2013 when I took my young family to live on a sailing boat and cruise the Mediterranean for several years, and which continues to plotter along. Nowadays, in a slightly altered setting as we are cruising Pittwater and other Australian waters whilst building an off-grid top sustainability house in the Narara Eco Village, an hour north of Sydney.

Be well. Be happy. Be you. Be.

Soul Greetings, Dini


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