Busy body, quiet mind

One December many moons ago, one of the things one of my teachers once said stuck with me: “My body is busy, my mind is calm.” It is very different running around like a headless chicken and feeling like one, OR run around doing 101 things at a time as you seem to do in this crazy world, whilst breathing deeply, focusing on one thing at a time and feeling calm.

People call December one of the busiest time of the year whereas I always thought it is when we are meant to calm down. Whether you believe in Santa, celebrate Christmas or none of that – it can be a beautiful invitation to reflect on the past year and start setting change and directions to look forward to in the next one.

In our family we try hard to keep the trara to a bare minimum without the kids missing out on the magic. Big part of the magic that I remember from my childhood was that time really seemed to slow down before Christmas. Granny backed cookies with me. Nights got longer and we played society games around the big dining table. And there was time to smile and laugh. This is what counts. Not the amount of presents bought, parties attended or last minute things ticked off.

Late after-noon at low tide in the expansive mangroves of Morning Bay

Time neither slows down, nor speeds up. We can chose to breathe deeply and create a sensation of time, or we can keep breathing shallow and running through life without seeing the beautiful, ripe fruit right there in front of us. On that note, take a deep breathe and accept my virtual very, merry season hugs.

Namaste, Dini


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