Day 3 in Kerala

e17650bc-b745-4314-ae5b-51313b774993I open my eyes to the sounds of the Arabian Sea caressing Kerala’s sandy shores with it’s gentle waves. Fishing boats are bobbing in the not so far distance waiting for the morning catch. The Mohadzin starts singing his daily call for prayer from the nearby mosque. What an eccentric mix of people, cultures, religions and impressions this place is.

Many had warned me that India is loud. It’s true, there is constant sounds, always: Barking stray dogs, fighting flying squirrels, prayer calls, people shouting, the wind and the waves, drilling and hammering, rubbish burning… And rubbish there is EVERYWHERE. It makes me sad thinking that such deep yogic wisdom has arisen from this land and now it resembles a rubbish dump in many places. There is no blaming, just something one notices coming from a privileged western country where council trucks swing by weekly so early in the morning that we don’t even have to think about the rubbish we are creating. India has more urgent issues to deal with still, it seems.

Beyond the rubbish, the picture perfect palm tree landscape emerging behind my lassie and latest read, looks like cut out of the latest travel brochure. So far, I’ve been taking it easy on myself for a change. Exploring, seeing and visiting places is only one part of my journey here. The other one is simply slowing down. Away from my beautiful littlies, giving myself time to write, read, breathe and simply be still.

On that note, I am about to head to my second traditional Ayurveda treatment. Having studied this amazing, most ancient science for many years now, it is amazing to be able to confirm what I learnt, as well as add to my knowledge – both of Ayurveda, and myself. Ayurveda – like conscious living – is often not about what you want, but what you really need. I’m still digesting yesterday’s vigorous full body oil massage which left me sleepless most of the night (aggravated Vata), whereas the nights before I had had a reasonable slumber. What is it bringing up? What will today’s … treatment do?

More to follow in the next days. Stay tuned. Thanks for checking in. I always love to hear from you – more so if you have any India experience too (or questions?). Naani – thank you for being your unique you. Everyone else is already taken😉.


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  1. Nice yoga postures…👍🏻☺️

    See all about kerala tourist places here


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