Changing Human Paradigm


Do we ever ask the Earth about her dream?

Do we ever ask the Amazon about his needs?

Do we ever ask the Arctic about its final wishes?

Do we ever ask the glaciers about their ambitions?

We storm and wonder about our benefits.

We weigh up our economic gains.

We wonder about our worst case scenarios.

We consider whether our future needs can be met.

Any healthy relationship relies on respect.

Respect relies on equality.

Equality relies on asking all parties about their needs.

Needs rely on being truly heard.

Let’s stop, to truthfully listen.

Let’s put the other gains on the same level as our own.

Let’s create the best-case scenario for every creature, plant and planet.

Let’s honour a sustainable continuity of love and time.

Dream like you are the Earth.

Flow like you are the Amazon.

Hold strong like you are the Arctic ice.

Hope like the glaciers as if a new tomorrow was still possible.


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