This poetry flew after a conversation with a dear yogi friend on cultural appropriation…

Humming like a bee.

Breathing like Darth Vader.

Yogi – am I allowed to be?

Or just a cultural invader?

Dancing like a star.

Solid as a rock.

My heart like diamonds afar,

where to go, how to take stock?

Shamanic rites.

Aboriginal ceremonies.

Who’s got the rights?

Big drums or small dummies?

Swiming like a fish.

Surfing like a dolphin.

Ocean culture I wouldn’t miss.

Earth, water, fire, air – all elements together morphing.

Each small family alone.

Or new culture created through Sangha*.

One tribe. All from the same. All one.

Will we fight and separate more, or realise we are all dust from the same star?

Dini Martinez



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