When to flow?

When to pause?

When to sit still and listen?

Scriptures talk about dharma and cause,

but sometimes it’s not that obvious.

When to act?

When to rebel?

When to observe and go inwards?

Monks meditate whilst activists shout,

Which way best serves the world,

no-one seems to know without a doubt.

When to read?

When to study?

When to reflect in stillness?

Yogis do both, but the timing of each

Written in the stars, not clearly on the beach.

When to move?

When to stay?

When to seek change for the better?

Nothing will change if you don’t change, they say,

So here I am, reflecting to figure out the right way.

Though when to love?

When to hate?

When to create war and destruction?

At least on this one most agree,

Except in the US election.


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