Dear human…

Dear human who I share this planet with,

I want you to know that my shining heart is reaching out to you.

Some mornings past hurts and pains still fog up its brightness,

But if I react to you from the fog, know I am aware that it is my reaction that triggers me,

Not you.

You are beautiful in your own self.

And if you react to me in pain,

I understand that it is the fog, not your light speaking.

Dear fellow human,

I am so stoked to be on this exquisite human existence together that allows us

Day by day

To polish away the dust

Until your and my heart can shine so brightly

That it will resemble the biggest full moon

Reflecting the life of grand-father son.

And before I go back to clearing the dust,

And allowing you to do the same as that is all we have to do every day,

Please know that I’m so deeply grateful for being on this journey together.

None of us is alone.

We are all bound by the oneness.

The same reflection of grandfather son’s loving embrace

From my heart, to yours.

To every creature, rock and ocean in this world.

by Dini Martinez inspired by Mate


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