Six weeks into Mexico


Sailing Yoga Family

I’m feeling rather protective of our private life these days, thus haven’t felt my usual blogging urge. Plus I’ve been enjoying the slow pace of Mexico that we’ve TOTALLY adjusted to and used the free time I get between boat-shopping, roadtripping and worldschooling to endulge in a 1,000 pages plus book that I’ve been loving every page of.

Hearing news from friends back home in Australia that rushed and time-poor lifestyle that inevitably seems to catch up with everyone in the Western world seems like a lifetime away. We’ve replaced it with long sunrise meditation sessions (that’s me before the rest of Mexico wakes up and turns the speakers up); lots of family time; oceans of discovery; new tribe connections and retrouvailles with old and dear freindships; and plenty of wild and free adventures. Obviously, exploring over 2,000km with three young kids isn’t always 100% rosy – but none of…

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