IMG_7921Welcome to a world of yoga, where dreams do come true.

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A little warning – if you start digging in our videos, you’ll notice plenty of yoga and family stuff as well. That’s because my whole online presence kind of started in 2013 with the Sailing Yoga Family, when my family and I left everything in Sydney behind to cruise the Mediterranean Sea… but that’s a story you can find out more on my blog. Yes, I love writing and many of my ponderings seem to be interesting enough to be regularly published in various magazines around the world. Have a scroll and read through some published stuff on Sailing, Yoga and Parenting and get in touch if you wanna find out more.

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I truly believe that Yoga is part of a global solution for peace – within each individual and across our planet at large.

Yoga transformed my life when I found it almost 20 years ago as a stress relieve at university. It has helped me ever since, to catch myself when I fall, and encouraged me to even greater heights when I fly. Even better, I have seen the yogic path transform many of my students and other yogis to fulfil their life’s potential as well; to dream big; and dare follow their dharma and shape their kharma.

If you wanna find out more about me, head here or email me to find the best way to work together. I look forward to connecting as that’s what it’s all about in the end, isn’t it?!