I’m feeling rather sad tonight. 80 percent of the packed Tuesday after-noon class chose the Melbourne Cup instead – an annual race in Australia which brings animal cruelty to it’s max. Today, the 6th horse since 2013 died because of human craving for money, power, betting, meaningless entertainment… Why? When there is 1001 and more ways to be entertained and feel truly fulfilled, joyous, happy etc in a way which doesn’t harm.

Nothing and nobody is perfect, and we are all on a journey. Yet I wish more people who remotely call themselves a yogi, and even those who simply like to have a peaceful, non-cruel image of themselves, would start thinking more about their choices. Yes, by dressing up and attending a race, you are fuelling these cruel ways. Yes, by consuming milk, you are taking it away from baby cows and supporting their short lives of loneliness, horror and torture. Yes, by eating meat, you are saying yes to slaughter-houses, eating cadavers and ruining our planet… I won’t continue, you got the point.

Are YOU being honest with yourself? Truly conscious? Living, eating and breathing Ahimsa?

When you think ‘consciousness’, be honest with yourself. Don’t put a blind eye on what you don’t want to see. Else there is no space to grow. Else there is no space for one-ness. Else there is no space for peace, inner and outer. Unless we take ‘Ahimsa’, Yoga’s foundation principle of non-harming to our hearts, we will not be able to experience the One-ness, the Me in the Other and Other in Me, the peace and bliss everyone comes to yoga classes and retreats for, the whole world is longing for, that every sentient being deserves. Don’t react. Think about it. Meditate on it. Embrace Ahimsa for the good of you, all beings (not only your pet), our blue planet. Thank you.

Wit Prema… Namaste


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