Yoga teachers are only human too

If this October the moon was in Libra, then my usual intunement with ‘la luna’ has failed me. Harmony and cooperation is some of the adjectives that least describe this past month which I will happily leave behind. Instead, there was a lot of deception and disappointment amongst those supposedly dearest, loneliness and lostness amidst a community, lack of communication and falling back into f!#^Y%& old patterns thought long left behind.

Being alone feels much less lonely to me, than feeling alone amidst a crowd. (dm)

Hardys Bay Sunset Yoga_short

Sadly or luckily, I didn’t seem to be the only one experiencing such feelings, as several honest and open talks with dear and fellow yoga teachers revealed. Yes, we are by no means perfect, and the usual ups and downs of life get us just as much as anyone else. That doesn’t affect the fact that Yoga, to all of us, has proven an exceptionally helpful tool to deal with the ebbs and flows in a less attached, more equanimous way.

Mindfulness, meditation, samadi… doesn’t take life’s shit away. It is part of our human existence. But it does give us the ability to not identify with it, knowing deep inside that everything passes – to good and the bad, the labelled and the unlabelled, the ebbs and the flow. (dm)

Would love to hear how your October treated you? And how Yoga has affected your dealings with life’s inherent joys and challenges. Please comment or get in touch. Connection, that’s what it’s all about. Now bring on November – and it’s SUMMER TIME here in OZ;)


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