My boat, my yoga mat.

Yoga leads to a state where it doesn’t matter where you are and what you are doing. As Samadhi, the 8th step of the eight-fold-path, unfolds, internal quiet, contentment and happiness arise, regardless of where you are doing what. Yet, on the way there, the importance of ‘Sangha’, a supportive community, cannot be underestimated.

Us humans are social mammals and very much influenced by one another. Thus, if you surround yourself with people on a similar spiritual path as yourself, this will greatly enhance your journey. The same counts for immersing yourself in an environment open and supportive of your yoga. What does this mean for you? Do you feel you have a ‘Sangha’?

Rigy welcome to Pittwater

Apart from a vast array of diverse yogis and spiritual seekers who have and are forming part of my life and whom I am so very grateful for, the place off my mat where true meditation comes most effortless to me is my boat. A sailor, horizon-junkey, sail-into-the-sunset-seeker, on-and-off live-aboard’ler…  I become one with the elements and being in the moment, completely present comes naturally when I am at Sea. One of my greatest teachers of surrender, together with my children.

Full of gratitude this week. Part of a life full of blessings. What are you grateful for? Would love to hear from you. Sharing. Connecting. One-ness. Sangha.


Yoga Onboard_99.JPG


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