The 10 hour drive West was 100$ worth every minute!
What a great feeling to arrive home!

It’s quite remarkable how the past six months have shifted things in my life. It started with my first Ayahuasca journey late last year. A deep insight from Pachamama. From there further signs and tools and wake up calls trickled in – from conversations with friends, understandings from my yoga students, more sacred ceremonies, tantric wisdom, books, podcasts, Mother Nature and more. All this is building on almost two decades of daily yoga and meditation practice, exploring other healing modalities such as Reiki, family constellation, sacred dance and every moment of my waking time self-enquiry.


10,000 spirit seekers converting the desert into a playground for everyone;)

And then, of course, in the middle of April we arrived at Confest. A revival of the 70s, this awesome festival has brought Australia’s (and visiting) hippies for the past four decades to a special location in the middle of the outback. Non-Australian readers, know this country is vast, red desert. We drove for ten hours in a straight line west (and could have been able to keep going of course for days on) to get here. Even my kids said it was worth every minute of the long drive. Up to 10,000 people, mostly driven by love, a desire to deepen connection and find one-ness. Everyone is a volunteer and offers what they can. Workshops by the hundreds every day from Tantra, Yoga and Meditation, over sacred spanking, all forms of dance, orgasmic workshops etc to arts, permaculture, activism… You name it, it’s there.

My firey sandwich child turning 6 at Confest. Thanks to all beautiful friends for celebrating with us!

As clothes are optional, there’s an underlying sense of equality over the massive playground that the spec of bush between the river slopes turns into over the five Easter days. Everyone smiles, close to no one is stressed. Starting the day I bath myself in the sacred water after my yoga and kriya practice. From there on, it’s going with the flow. No planning, no engaging in mental chatter, just going with the flow. Within all that for me something remarkable happens. How – those details are too private to be displayed here. Let me just say that Tantra was involved and I have since devoted myself to this practice. More details in my next post as I have to first process my recent weekend sadana with Clive Sheridan who has helped me understand what has been creeping up along my spine and happening to and through me over these past few months of awakening. Exciting times this Kali Yurga – age of complete confusion, but also paradoxically one of the best times to follow a spiritual path as SHE is there to listen and help when called upon, closer and more awake than ever.

Namaste – may you see the light too and life as you know it will never be just ordinary again.

Happy outback family on a picnic stop in the middle of nowhere in this beautiful vast land.

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