Sometimes you have to lose yourself…


You have to lose yourself to find yourself again.

You have to let him go, to fall in love all over again.

You have to say your goodbyes, to experience the tender love and hopeful freshness of hugs when you embrace them again.


You have to lose yourself in nothingness to redefine who you are.

You have to sob out all your tears until the last tummy cramp, to find your smile again.

You have to believe the illusion of hatred to understand that there is nothing but love.


You have to make mistakes to learn your lessons.

You have to repeat some old patterns a few times over again, before being able to step into the new eon.

You have to rage, before you can passionately love.

You have to blame, before you can take the lessons on yourself.


You have to give up in order to keep going.

You have to accept second best as a possibility before being able to reach for e the stars.

You have to drop perfection, to find it in the very next moment.


You realize that nothing make sense, only to find life’s true meaning.

You give up hope, to find the power of now.

You lose it all, to find everything.

Right here. Right now. Back home. Back to self. Love is all there is.


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