Roadtrip South

Yoga stretches during half way stop in Nowra

Road-tripping South. First hour and a bit still detaching from farewells and other left-behind issues, rolling through Sydney traffic. Once on the southbound highway I crank the music up and start singing. Jason Mraz talks to my heart. Time for long phone conversations as I roll on without traffic. Each town I pass, the memory of another friend or experience pops up. Gosh, I have rolled up and down and around this vast country quite a few times. Hours later still no beep from the empty back seats. While I love spending time with my kids, this precious me-time is getting me on a high. After 3.5 hours I take me first stop.

In Nowra I find a lush, quiet riverfront to stretch, refuel and jam. Refreshed I move on past more memories and stunning nature, wild forests, long beaches. From sun, to rain to thunder – the weather helps to keep my journey diverse. Time flies. Here in Bateman’s Bay I stop for a long walk to the bar, sussing out whether a boat trip down here is viable. It looks shallow… But from the centre of the broad river, a sister ship of ours smiles at me. Maybe the channel is deep enough?

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Me Free Ocean Spirit. Always on the look out for those boats, no matter where;)

Past all the soulless fish and chips bars I find a super funky place facing the marina, life music, vegan options and a free bar table right at the water front. It’s mine for a beautiful dinner during which, I jot down these lines to remember the good times. From all that singing and talking my voice has started becoming a little rusty. I can’t stop smiling. And the journey has only just begun😉

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More on my weekend in the Bush with a beautiful Aboriginal elder teaching me and about 30 other women the traditional ways, medicine and customs of this land, check in next week. Also, with her blessings and the strong will to keep up traditions for the sake of the health of our spirit and planet, I can’t wait to share birthing and re-birthing ceremonies around the Central Coast. If you are interested, the first five are my gift to you. Just get in touch on Insta: Dini Martinez. #ancientmeetsmodern lol

Arrived! Dinner in paradise with old and new friends.

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