Some-er Yoga just for me

I’m just slowly cranking back up to the 1001 demands of everyday life after the most chillaxing sailing Christmas Holidays. I cannot stress enough how soul-nourishingly good it is to turn off those screens. It’s no new term, but nothing describes it better than ‘disconnect to reconnect’. 

Also disconnecting from teaching has refilled me energy levels. As much as I love spreading yoga, holding space for so many people every week is no energetic nothing.

During our two plus weeks on the boat, waking up every morning, swimming to the beach for my own practice and simply seeing where it took me has been treasured beyond words. Most days I mainly felt like indulging in ultra-long luxurious meditations (mama-friends, you get me, that silence, that me-time, that focus, those glimpses of clarity…). Other days I played, and played and played till my whole body was covered in sand and I had run through my whole of repertoire of asanas without having to consider anyone else. And then of course, I discovered the fun of SUP Yoga, thanks to my 10 and 12 year old friends from our dear sister boat SV Vega. 

Here’s to lots of new adventures 2019. May your horizon grow, peace spread, Love prevail, your screens be switched off a lot and grey clouds be few and wide spread. 

Namaste, Dini


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