Learning to celebrate 🎉


Learning to celebrate might just throw the biggest question mark on my Leo friends’ faces. Why does one have to learn to celebrate a birthday? I loved them so much yesterday as they whole-heartedly shared during my birthday circle how they don’t only have a birthday party, but fully indulge in a whole month of celebrations. I wish!

Personally, since my 18th birthday when I almost threw myself of a skyscraper, it has been a day of fighting off an overwhelming sense of worthlessness. I’m sharing this because many people know me in my yoga self – and gosh, none of that is fake and if it wasn’t for yoga, I certainly wouldn’t be here anymore. But even almost two decades of dedicated yoga and meditation practice, plus various medicine circles, family constellations and other soul searching, psyche-diving situations and exercises, the dark still makes an appearance every now and then – especially on the 10th of April.

I understand that the darkness is just the other side of light, the yin to the yang, the Shakti to the Shiva. And yet, I find it hard to understand how change is the only constant and yet the most unuseful, limiting self-belief patterns and old stories tend to stick around ways and beyond their expiry date. Why? Is there still a lesson to learn? Why is it so hard to receive compliments? To accept and embrace… what? I’m thinking out loud here and might have to do a bit more svadyaya (self-study) before ending this thread. In the meantime, practicing to accept – I gratefully reprint the poem which one of my lovely friends wrote for me – and the picture which another friend took while I was deeply meditating on top of a waterfall during one of our sailing weekends. Thank you!

Oh lovely Dini, what a ray of sunshine you are
with your smile, your joy, your music and your yoga.
I’ve not known you for very long
but already I want to dance to the same song.

Always a joy to be around, you’re inspiring that’s for sure
its so easy to hang out, and you leave me wanting more.
you are full of forgiveness, love and light,
reminding me we are all on the same plight.

I know your feet are itchy, being grounded here for now
still you don’t dwell on the stern, always looking to the bow.
While you give life 100%,
you also model how to be content.

Whether you’re singing with your guitar
or bending backwards in asana
making delicious vegan food
you are always in a delightful mood!

So I truly hope you have a Happy Birthday Dini
though i know you will, even if all you received was zucchini.
that’s the kind of lady you are, 
a happy, yogi, mamma, vegan, rock star!


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