Peace. Gratitude. Joy.

My friends’ Sri Lankan hospitality has been nothing but humbling, heart-melting and all-encompassing. Today they send me off with a traditional farewell ceremony. When I bowed my red-ochre-dotted forehead into the rice, three rice grains stuck to it. Customarily this means I will have three children – and I do, and now that I’m sitting in the airport café waiting for my flight via KL back home to Sydney I am counting the hours till I see them again.

My time away has been such a journey deepening my yoga, spreading the love, strengthening friendships, reconnecting with me beyond being a mum, living the talk of giving them wings to let them fly… a journey of detachment and at the same time a voyage to me, to their soul essence,  to new discoveries in old knowledge. In the end, all is the same. Different paths leading to the same oneness.

I feel pampered and balanced from all the Ayurvedic treatments I have had. Mind you, barely any of them is for the faint-hearted who expect a joyful massage experience: Oil bath, enema, sinus oiling… and did I mention more oil EVERYWHERE! The ancient medical science of Ayurveda might apply peculiar treatments in Western eyes, but it has been healing people for over 5,000 years.

I feel energized and refreshed from the adventures I have lived, new places I have seen and new experiences I have had both in India and Sri Lanka. I feel greatly blessed for the friends and family that I have. I feel so lucky to have found that path of yoga that makes every outer exploration a journey within as well.

I also feel deeply grateful for the amazing healing spaces I have come across, some of the highlights being:

There’s no commissions here, just heartfelt thanks for creating oasis of peace within this crazy world. Let’s continue doing the same in our countries, our homes and most importantly in our hearts.


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